#AtoZChallenge Day 25: Y



“Y is for Yorick, whose head was knocked in…”  Ah, now we know what happened to poor Yorick!  Although his skull didn’t look like it had been knocked in when Hamlet had a hold of it, I suppose we didn’t see the whole thing, so he could have had hold of the part that was missing while expounding on the virtues of his dead friend.  Then again, maybe Hamlet only thought that particular skull belonged to his friend Yorick, or he could have been making the whole thing up (big surprise, considering the lengths he went to trying to convince everyone he was crazy), but more than likely he just had hold of the wrong skull.  It is just possible that someone else had been buried in the same plot as Yorick, either before or after he was placed there himself, so it is conceivable that the skull belonged to that person instead of to Yorick.  Either that, or Hamlet was really as crazy as he tried to make everyone think he was…

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