Review of A Charming Cure by Tonya Kappes

Mystery!  Romance!  Dark-Siders!  Good-Siders!  Thieving fairy god-cats!  Wait, what?

That’s right, it turns out Mr. Prince Charming is our favorite heroine’s fairy god-cat.  Not only that, he used to belong to Aunt Helena, who raised him from a kitten and then sent him to look after her niece.  Who’s Aunt Helena?  Spoilers!

June finds out she has to attend a special school for training (because all new residents have to at some point), so because she doesn’t want to be away from her shop for any longer than she has to, she chooses the four day fast-track course, figuring it’s only four days and what could possibly happen in four days?  (She should have known better…)

As it turns out, quite a lot can happen in four days.  Her potions teacher (and mother of her best friend Oscar, and best friend of her own mother) is framed for the attempted murder of one of the students, so of course June sets out to find the real culprit and clear her friend’s name, but now she only has three of her four days left to do it in, and even with Aunt Helena’s help this seems an almost impossible task…

Right in the middle of her investigation, June herself is framed for a crime and her aunt has no choice but to expel her.  She returns home to find that everyone seems to be losing their abilities, and all the magic of the village seems to be fading away.  She quickly figures out what’s going on and fixes it, and realizing who the responsible party is, she goes back to the school to catch the culprit.  Once there she finds out her expulsion has been lifted by her aunt, so with her blessing June goes after the Dark-Sider responsible and with a little help from her friends brings the person to justice.

Once again, June lives up to her name, as she not only brings physical healing to those she cares about, but emotional healing as well.  Can’t wait to see what she gets up to in the third book!