Review of Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle

This has got to be a first: a professional bookbinder/restorer who moonlights as an amateur sleuth.  It definitely puts a fresh perspective on things, I’ll give the author that.  Gardeners, herb shop owners, scrapbooking enthusiasts, tea shop owners, mystery bookshop owners, journalists, crime novelists, doctors, even lawyers…after a while, I could see how the “usual” professions could get tired, so major points for coming up with a new “day job” for the protagonist!

Because of the amount of patience required for her profession, Brooklyn actually makes the perfect amateur detective, because she has the tenacity to follow the clues wherever they take her and the determination to keep digging until she gets the answers she’s looking for, whether the people she’s asking questions of like it or not.  Some people may see these straights as stubbornness, maybe even downright bullheadedness, but those people are usually the ones she is harassing, I mean questioning, to get the answers she needs, so probably not the best people to judge.

Brooklyn probably would have stayed out of the whole investigation if it hadn’t been for the fact that her mentor, who just happened to be one of her best friends, was the murder victim.  Oh, and the fact that her mother was seen leaving the area shortly before Brooklyn found her mentor dying on the workroom floor…granted, she was seen by Brooklyn, who would never suspect her mother of murder and would therefore do everything in her power to find the real killer, but…oh, wait…

Okay, I did NOT see that one coming!  The one person that I thought might have been the killer wasn’t, and the one person I thought might have been associated with the killer wasn’t!  When the killer was finally revealed, I found myself going, “What the—!”  But then I remembered some of their odd behavior, and realized I should have figured it out a lot sooner.  I don’t always figure out who the killer is before the big reveal, but it’s not often I’m totally blindsided, so bravo, Kate!