Okay, a little bit about me….I love cats!  Big cats, little cats, in-between cats, cartoon cats, fictional cats of all kinds…(I’m a Leo, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)

But I also love dogs, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and just about any other animal you can name.  I’m not a huge fan of snakes, but I don’t really hate them, I just would prefer not to have them around me as I don’t want them trying to eat my babies (I have 8 cats and an albino guinea pig…6 of the cats are 43-week-old kittens, who are the babies of the other two…all of them are black, all of them are identical.  The babies and their mama are short-haired, while Daddy is a long-haired cat.  He has green eyes as do two of the babies, the others have yellow eyes like Mom.  Only the parents and 1 of the babies have names, still working on names for the other 5).

I grew up with dogs, as my grandmother was always scared to death of cats (she believed all those silly old wives’ tales about cats) and my grandparents raised me, so I never got to have a cat until I was out on my own.  I have also since had a dwarf hamster (I believe he was called a “robo” dwarf hamster) named Smokey, and two other guinea pigs besides the one I have now.  The first one was named Calico Jack Rackham (he was different shades of brown in a calico pattern, hence his name) but we always just called him Jack.  Then there was Dexter, who was white with some calico patches, and Snowball the albino.  Since bright light hurts his eyes, I stopped using my overhead light unless I absolutely needed it to be able to find a dropped object and then it would go right back off.  Once the light bulb eventually burnt out, I never bothered to replace it as I wasn’t really using it anyway.  This means that once it gets dark in my room, the only light is from the TV, my laptop screen, and the stairwell light, so it gets pretty hard to see (especially hard to see the furbabies as they are all black…in a dark room…so yeah, they get tripped over a lot).

The furbabies also like to lay on my lap when I’m on my computer, and on the computer desk as well, and they will sleep with me at night.  I’ll wake up to at least 4 of them laying on me, beside me, and/or by my feet, which in the winter time (like now) isn’t bad because it keeps me warm, and them as well…not so much in the summer time, and they were a lot smaller then.

I’ve been reading a lot of fanfiction since September, so my reading goals for last year pretty much took a back seat to that.  Plus I started writing a few of my own, which I’m still working on, so that didn’t help one bit towards me reaching my reading goals.  But at least I’m writing, just about every day, so that’s something…plus working my way through a lot of Christmas chocolate, which helps my mood if nothing else…

Also I decided for the Reading Challenge this year to limit my goal to 50 titles, that way it’s a bit more reasonable and I might actually get it done, besides the fact that this time I’m actually starting at the first of the year instead of three or four months into it, so I actually have a better shot of getting it done.  And if I read more than 50, then yay for me, and I’ll celebrate by eating a lot more Christmas candy at the end of the year (who am I kidding, I’m going to do that anyway…) and if I don’t make it to 50, then at least I gave it a good shot, and will console myself by eating even more Christmas candy, especially chocolate, at the end of the year.



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