Review of Ian by Becca Fanning

Finally, we’re getting somewhere!  The wolves finally manage to get inside the hotel and deliver an ultimatum—they want everyone gathered in one place so they (meaning Freddy) have a chance to plead their (his) case.  Dina agrees, hoping that he and his pack will go away once he’s had his say.  She doesn’t leave it there, though, she has her say too—and it was not what Freddy was expecting to hear.  Not one to be deterred, he drops a bombshell on the entire wedding party—the only one not surprised being Dina’s fiancé Tom—and then everyone able to (except for Ian) shifts and the fight begins.  Ian hustles Iris upstairs to keep her safe, but they’re followed by one of the wolves, so Ian shifts to protect Iris, giving her time to get to his room and shut the door.  After having sworn he was never shifting again, Iris is surprised that he has done so, and realizes that he broke his own vow solely to protect her.  She listens to the fight from the safety of Ian’s room, scared for him, until he walks through the door and she sees he’s alright.  He tells her that he was able to fight off his opponent, and that all the wolves have left the hotel, presumably to go back to the cave they’d been hiding out in, and that because the storm was finally letting up, everyone would be able to leave the island in the morning.  The danger finally seems to be past, but they’re not off the island yet, and until they are and the wolves are gone, anything could happen.

I was given a free ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review.