Review of Custer by Becca Fanning

Delphine reminds me of a cross between Max from James Patterson’s Maximum Override series, and Max from the Dark Angel TV series starring Jessica Alba.  She is a genetically engineered human being/wolf hybrid who was created for one purpose and one purpose only—naturally, killing.  Also naturally, her latest target is the Breakwater crew, and they’re nobody’s idea of an easy target.  Also naturally, she winds up falling for one of them—Custer.

When she first meets the crew, she soon makes it clear she knows more about them than any other human alive outside of themselves–she was given detailed dossiers on everyone, including Zosha and Annie, before being sent off on her mission.  She soon realizes none of this information is going to help her complete her mission; however, it may just help her keep herself and her new friends (and eventual crewmates) alive long enough to extricate themselves from the mess they once again find themselves in.

Delphine and Custer actually make a really good team, and of course that goes for their romantic relationship as well.  Naturally, when the crew realizes they’ve hooked up, they are initially not thrilled, but also kicking themselves for not seeing it coming sooner.  Either way, she is going to become a permanent part of the crew, and therefore family, so it was bound to happen eventually.

I can’t wait to see what happens to Hyde and Dominic!