Review of Gunpowder Chowder by Lyndsey Cole

The story grabs you right away and pulls you in, just like the tide.  You immediately get thrust into Hannah’s new world, and every new person you meet with her is enough to make your head spin for a while, till you (and she) start getting everybody sorted out.  Jack and Cal are great friends, and the puppy Nellie steals your heart right away.

The real fun begins when Hannah’s sister Ruby and niece Olivia show up for a visit, and Ruby decides to try to get a job as a TV news reporter’s personal assistant, so she and Olivia can stay in town and be close to Hannah.  In an attempt to impress the slimy reporter, Ruby lets slip some vital information, and the reporter starts using this information in an attempt to get more information out of the locals, not caring that she could be implicating a possibly innocent person or what it will do to that person’s reputation, not to mention their family’s.  Jack and Hannah decide to investigate on their own in an attempt to help this person, and Jack hatches a plan to make the reporter’s “investigation” backfire on her.

I won’t give away Jack’s plan, but it was a doozy!  The reporter met her match for sure!  And Hannah’s extended family is all safe and sound, and ready for the next adventure coming their way!  (And so am I!  Bring on Book #2!)