#AtoZChallenge Day 21: U



“U is for Una, who slipped down a drain…”  Just how skinny was she, anyway?!?  Of course, I keep picturing like a shower drain or something, it could have just as easily been a storm drain, but still, not everyone would be able to fit down one of those either, so the question still stands.  Then, of course, the question becomes how did she slip down the drain, and also why?  Was there a raging storm one night, and she got swept away along with everything else on the street?  Did she get attacked and shoved down the drain in an attempt to hide her body?  That wouldn’t last very long, those drains come out somewhere, and she’d be found eventually, but I suppose that would give the person responsible plenty of time to get away, if they were smart enough to do so.  Then again, our prisons are full of people who thought they were smarter than the authorities…

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