UFOs in the Wizarding World (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“How the hell am I going to explain this?”



“Yeah, you know, the face-hugger buggers from those sci-fi movies,” Harry added helpfully.

“And just how the hell am I supposed to explain to purebloods what face-huggers are, let alone any other kind of alien?” Draco looked around at the destruction, undecided whether he was more exasperated with his partner or disgusted by all the blood and guts everywhere.  At the moment, he was leaning toward exasperation.

You know what they are, and you’re a pureblood,” Harry pointed out.

“I also hang around with you, Hermione and the weasel most of the time.  Not too many purebloods even know what a television is, let alone movies, and I couldn’t even begin to explain sci-fi to them.”

“So tell them it was a previously unknown species of magical creature that Luna and her dad had recently discovered.  Since they’re always coming back from their travels with stories of new creatures it will be an easy sell.  Either they’ll believe you or they won’t, but if questioned, Luna and Xeno will play along.”

“Why do I bother listening to you?  It always gets me into trouble,” Draco muttered, then sent off a Patronus to their boss at the Ministry.

“Yes, but there’s never a dull moment,” Harry offered, grinning.

“There’s always a mountain of paperwork, too.”

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