Monthly Recap for August 2017

Well, another month is gone already.  Hard to believe we’re over halfway through the year, it seems like the year just started and it’s already almost fall.

For some reason, the ideas are getting harder to come by.  Every month I struggle to come up with ideas and it doesn’t seem like I’ll have enough posts for the month, but somehow I always manage to pull it off.  It’s a good thing I’ve had unlimited time to work with, because I’ll go several days in a row without inspiration striking at all (which is why I try to work ahead as much as possible).

This month I had to deal with turning another year older (46 already!) and the anniversary of losing one of my furbabies (she’s been gone four years already, and I still miss her like crazy, I can’t believe it’s been so long).  I finally got a new doctor and she put me on medication for one of my medical conditions that I’ve had to let go untreated until now.  No idea if it’s helping or not, will have to wait till the next time I see her to find out.  Hopefully it is, it’s a serious enough condition that I’d rather medication deal with it than have to take more drastic measures, and I need to be here for my furbabies and grandbabies.  If I don’t take care of them, no one else will.

Anyway, enough with the morbid ramblings.  I’m not looking forward to the coming month, because it means one month closer to winter, which I absolutely hate.  I hate the cold, I hate the snow, and I especially hate the ice.  The weather plays hell with my asthma, which also doesn’t help.  I’d much rather deal with what the summer heat and humidity do to my asthma than what the winter cold does to it.  Plus it’s always freezing upstairs in my room every winter, even with the space heater going full blast; the kitties and I have  to curl up together just to stay warm (which makes going to the bathroom fun, I have to move all of them off of me just so I can go downstairs, and that’s a lot easier to do this time of year when they’re piled on me just because they want to be close to Mommy/Grandma and not because I’m the best heat source they have).  Plus they’re my best heat source too, so the last thing I want to do is move them off of me and get out from under my nice warm covers to go downstairs where it’s not much warmer.  I really live in the wrong state…

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