Well-Deserved Reward (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“You gave up your life for five years.  The least I can do is give you a house.”

“That is not a house.  That—that thing is gigantic!” Hermione exclaimed.

“It has a fully stocked wine cellar.”

“Okay, sold.”

Harry grinned.

“But I did not ‘give up’ anything, Potter.  I was more than happy to help you with the kids while Ginny was sick.  Just because Ronald decided to be a prat and take off for parts unknown… I mean, honestly!  She was his own sister!  His only sister!  What kind of complete arse do you have to be to take off like that?  And don’t tell me he was devastated by her illness, because he wasn’t!  He took off long before anyone other than the two of us realised how sick she was.  He was convinced that she was going to get better, and that everyone was making a lot of fuss over nothing.  And now we can’t even find him to tell him his sister’s gone.  ‘Prat’ doesn’t being to cover it!  Neither does ‘arse,’ ‘selfish bastard,’ ‘son of a bludger’…”

“Let it all out Hermione, tell us how you really feel,” Harry said, grinning.  Hermione glared at him.

“He’s all of the above, and then some,” Harry agreed.  “But he’s out of our lives now, and it’s up to him whether he wants back in them or not.  If not, then we’ll be just fine without him.  If so, then he’s going to have to work for it, he’s not getting back in so easily—he’ll have to earn a place in our family again.”

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