Joke Shop Expansion (Original idea set in the Potterverse)

“Why are we doing this again?” Harry complained, struggling to maintain his hold on the tottering stack of bright yellow boxes.

“Because Hogwarts students shouldn’t have to wait till the end of term to fill their pranking needs,” Fred reminded him.

“And since Zonko’s went out of business, leaving a glaring need for a joke shop in Hogsmeade—” George began.

“We decided—”

“It was time—”

“For a Weasley invasion of Hogsmeade.”

“Mental, both of you,” Ron complained from behind another stack of boxes.

“Mind your manners, Ronnikins—”

“Or you’ll wake up to find all of your clothes—”

“—turned bright pink!”

“With lime green and orange polka dots,” Harry added, deadpan.

“Brilliant, Harry!” George said, grinning.

“Oi!  Stay out of this, Potter!” Ron groused.

Harry and the twins exchanged grins, then turned their wands on an unsuspecting Ron.

Vestitus prasnius!

Vestitus roseus!

Vestitus luteus!

“You know,” Harry said conversationally, “I don’t think those three are meant to be used at the same time.”  There was a scrap of fabric just visible at Ron’s elbow, and it was a lurid mix of light green, pink and orange.

“Oi!  What did you prats do to my robes?!?”  Ron dropped his stack of boxes and glared at the others.

“Time for a strategic advance to the rear, brothers,” George stated, eying Ron warily.

“In other words—” Fred began.

“Retreat!” Harry finished, and the three boys ran out the front door of the shop, laughing, with Ron in hot pursuit.

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