Gearing Up (Original idea set in the Potterverse)

Harry, Hermione, Ron and George were in George’s flat over the joke shop, tossing bright yellow boxes into canvas duffle bags, checking items off a list as they went.

“Dungbombs,” Harry called out as a box sailed over his shoulder.

“Be careful with these, would you?  We don’t want them going off in here!” George admonished, ticking off another item.  “And check.”

“Peruvian Darkness Powder,” Hermione called, sending two boxes flying towards George.

“Check.”  George caught them in midair with his wand, then levitated them into the bag closest to him.

“Detonating Decoys!”  Ron aimed his towards George, who made sure they landed safely inside his bag.

“Do you have any Shield Hats left…never mind, found them.”  Ron pulled every box off the shelf and levitated them into the middle bag.

After the reserve shelves were emptied into the duffle bags, Hermione rearranged the contents so that there was an equal number of each type of prank in each bag, and that all four of them had full bags.  Once she was satisfied, the checklist went into the fire before she turned her attention back to the boys.

She hefted one of the bags onto her shoulder, a determined look on her face.  “Right, let’s go show those Death Eaters we’re not to be trifled with.”

With equally determined expressions, the boys followed suit, and they left the flat with Harry in the lead, singing, “A-hunting we will go, a-hunting we will go…”

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