Fun With Draco (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“Can you please go be stupid somewhere that’s away from me?”

“Now where would be the fun in that, Malfoy?  I can’t annoy you if I’m not near you,” Ron said mischievously.


“But annoying you is so much fun, Malfoy!” Ron protested cheerfully.

Draco glared at the redheaded git, but Ron only grinned back at him.

“Harry!  Would you please find something else for this idiot to do?  I’m trying to work in here!” Draco called to the back of the house, exasperated.

“He’s only trying to be friendly!” Harry called back, the humour evident in his voice.

“A golden retriever is friendly!  This git is simply annoying!”  Draco heard laughter coming from the direction of the kitchen and growled in frustration.

“I didn’t know ferrets could growl, Malfoy.”

“Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?” Draco spat out.

“Not until four,” Ron answered cheerfully.

Draco glared at him.  Suddenly he grinned evilly, grabbed his wand, and fired a mild stinging hex at Ron.

Ron yelped, glared at Draco, and fired back at him.

Draco sprang from his chair, grinning, and the chase was on.

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