Death Eater Messenger (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“Can I kill him?” Ron asked.

No,” Harry and Hermione chorused.

“Just a little bit?”

No, Ronald.  We need him to take a message back to his master,” Harry explained.

“Oh, alright,” Ron grumbled.  “But I’d rather kill him.  He’s a stupid, evil git, and he wouldn’t hesitate to kill us if the roles were reversed.”

“Exactly!  We don’t want to stoop to their level, Ron, no matter how justified we may feel in doing so.”

“I know, Harry, but just once I wish…”

“I know, mate.  But if we act out of anger, even righteous anger, we ultimately do more harm than good.  In the heat of battle, fine.  But not in cold blood, mate, or we become as bad as them.”

Pulling out a sealed roll of parchment, Harry used a sticking charm to attach it to the Death Eater’s chest.  He then snapped the man’s wand into several pieces, then attached them to the Death Eater as well.

“Make sure your master gets the message,” Harry instructed, before turning one of the wand pieces into a Portkey and activating it, sending the man back to Voldemort’s lair.

Hermione pulled another scroll out of her pocket, sealed it, and attacked it to Pig, with instructions to wait until Ollivander was alone before delivering it.  Pig hooted excitedly, then flew off.

“There,” Harry said with satisfaction.  “Now if the git wants a new wand, he’ll have to go elsewhere, because Garrick won’t deal with him anymore.  Come on, let’s get back to the Ministry so we can get our paperwork out of the way, then go home and relax.”

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