Visiting Hours (Original idea based in the Potterverse)

“Visiting hours are over for the day, sir,” the bored witch at the reception desk told Ron.

“But I just got off work, and I want to see my friend!” Ron protested

“Then you’ll have to come back between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m,” the bored witch replied.  “Just like a Muggle hospital.  Our patients need rest, not just potions, to get better, and they can’t get that if people keep barging into their rooms at all hours of the night.”

“I’m not barging in, am I?  See, I’m stopping at the front desk and everything!  I just want to see my friend!”

“Then you’ll just have to come back tomorrow, won’t you?”

“Could you just check the visitors’ list?  My name’s supposed to be on there, Ronald Weasley…”

“I don’t care if your name is Kingsley Shacklebolt, or Queen Elizabeth herself!  It’s got nothing to do with if your name’s on the visitors’ list or not, visiting hours are over, and no one’s getting in before 8 a.m. tomorrow!”

“Evening, Melissa,” Hermione called out as she breezed through the lobby.  “Just going to check in on Harry for a minute before I start my rounds.”

“Good evening, Ms. Granger,” Melissa answered.  “Go right on up.”

Hermione disappeared down the corridor with a smile and a wave to her husband, while Ron stood there in shock.

“How come she gets to go see Harry?” he exclaimed.  “Why doesn’t she have to wait?”

“Because she works here, and she’s family.”

“But I’m family too!  Hermione’s my wife, see?  And Harry’s our brother-in-law!”

“Yes, but she’s not disruptive when she visits him in the middle of the night.  She simply looks in on him, checks his chart, and leaves.  You, on the other hand, always barge in, making as much noise as possible, and wake up the entire ward in the process.  Therefore, your name—along with several others, I might add—is on a list of people not allowed to visit after regular hours, unless you come in with him or it’s a life-or-death situation, such as needing an immediate transfusion before blood-replenishing potions can begin to work.”


“Sorry, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow.”

“But I work during visiting hours!  How am I supposed to be able to see him if I’m at work?”

“Not my problem, Mr. Weasley.  Take it up with your boss.”

“Yeah…yeah, I’ll just do that, I’ll take it up with my boss…” Ron said absently, starting to wander back towards the front door.  “Bloody hell!  My boss is Draco Malfoy, Harry’s partner!  Merlin, he’ll never let me in to see Harry!”

Melissa smirked behind him, calmly resuming her duties.

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