Reality Sucks (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“Can I stay in the reality of your universe?  Mine sucks.”

“Sure, Harry,” Luna agreed happily.  “Just start talking about blibbering humdingers whenever someone starts annoying you in the wizarding world, and your pet dragon named Percy when you’re in the Muggle world.  People will eventually decide that you’re crazy and leave you alone.”

Harry choked out a laugh.  “I think naming a dragon Percy would be an insult to the dragon.  How about Charlie?  He is the one who works with dragons, after all.”

Luna grinned.  “That’s a much better name for a dragon, even a pretend one!  Charlie it is,” she agreed.

“And he has a dragon tooth earring in his left ear—from when his baby teeth started falling out.”

“Excellent idea!”

“Well, Bill likes his, so… and he sings Weird Sisters songs at the top of his voice when out flying around Muggle villages.”

“Now you’re getting it!”

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