Weekly Recap (Sunday, 2 July through Saturday, 8 July 2017)

Last week was fairly uneventful, even with the holiday.  It usually rains on the Fourth, and as usual it was forecast, but for the first time in years it didn’t rain.  It actually held off until a couple days later, to give us a reprieve from the nine-day streak we’d had before the holiday.  While the break was nice, the temperatures during the sunny days was stifling hot.  For a change the furry brats didn’t want to do much of anything except lay around, which they usually reserve for when I really need to move, and then pick my lap to lay on.

I was going to go watch the fireworks from the (now closed-down) grocery store’s parking lot, but got sidetracked by whatever I was doing online (ain’t that always the way) and never made it out of the house.  I could still hear it, though, and see the ones being set off in our neighborhood from my bedroom window.  The brats weren’t really impressed, although every once in a while one would get their attention.

Every once in a while, having a lazy week is a good thing.  I did get a few more pages in my main fan fiction story done, and even started another one, which I’m already 44 pages into.  That’s over 17,000 words, people!  😛  Now if only I could do this on my original stories…

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