Gidget Boudreaux

Gidget Boudreaux was a gray (called “blue” in the cat world) American shorthair.  We rescued her when she was six weeks old, and had her till almost a month after she turned nine.  She was Mommy’s baby, and I still miss her like crazy four years later.

Gidget the Wonder Kitty

(Gidget at five months old…she stopped growing at six months, so this was about as big as she got.)

She had the oddest habits.  She would sit and stare at someone for hours on end without blinking.  This was very unnerving, and we were always telling her to blink, but she’d just continue to sit and stare at us.  She was easily distracted by flies, and if one buzzed past while she was eating, she would stop to chase it, and then a few seconds later remember she was hungry and go back to her food dish, only to repeat the process a few minutes later.  We constantly joked about this with the phrase, “Hi, my name is Gidget and I have ADD—oh look, a fly!”

(NOTE:  This and similar comments made by us was not in any way an attempt to make fun of those who genuinely have ADD or ADHD.  It was simply the way her behavior struck us.  If there is such a thing for animals, she probably had it.)

She was also a salsa and taco addict.  She loved the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese off of tacos (even those she wasn’t supposed to have the cheese because she was lactose intolerant from about a year and a half on, just like her sister Mudd) and would sit there and eat every bit given to her.  If you had a taco pizza, you had to cover it before leaving the room to keep her out of it, even if you were only going to be gone for a minute.

One of the funniest things I ever saw her do (I still wish I had a camera) involved a taco pizza.  Sara had ordered a taco pizza from one of the local pizza places, and it was still in the box on her bed.  She went to the bathroom, and forgot to close the lid before walking away from her pizza.  I was sitting on the couch with my laptop not paying any attention to the cat.  For some reason I looked over, and there she was, sitting in the middle of the pizza—not on the open lid, mind you, but in the middle of the pizza—eating the toppings right off of it!  I almost fell off the couch I was laughing so hard, but I never said a word to her, I just let her sit there and waited for Sara to come back into the room and catch her.  She did, of course, and started yelling at Gidget to get off her pizza, making Gidget run out of the room.  I couldn’t stop laughing, and told her it served her right for not closing the lid before she left the room.

One of my favorite snacks is tortilla chips and the Walmart brand of black bean salsa (just about impossible to find at our store anymore, unfortunately), and I would sit on the couch with the jar, dipping the chips until I couldn’t reach the salsa anymore before pouring some into a small dish.  The next thing I know, I’m having to refill the dish because Gidget has her face in it, eating all the salsa!  I would have to refill the dish twice as fast as normal because she was helping me eat it!  We started joking that apparently tomatoes were a gateway drug to salsa, since she started out eating tomatoes and gradually worked her way up to my salsa.  Spoiled rotten brat, she was lucky Mommy loved her! 😛

She also loved gumbo, of course, because of the chicken in it, but she would eat the rice too.  We haven’t had a cat yet who hasn’t eaten the whole thing, actually, although Fluffy will only eat a little bit at a time before deciding she’s done.  She’ll eat people food, but she doesn’t eat very much at one sitting (her own food, on the other hand…) unless it’s tuna straight out of the can (naturally).

Gidget developed the habit at our old house of sitting on top of the medicine cabinet light in the bathroom.  The thing is, she didn’t care if it was on or not, she would still lay up there for hours.  At some point we’d taken the cover off the light and just left it off, because it was easier replacing the bulbs that way (they were the long fluorescent bulbs, not regular bulbs).  (See what I mean about odd habits?)

Gidget on the Medicine Cabinet

One of the things she loved to do was sit on the edge of Sara’s bed and watch her sleep. Without blinking, of course.  For hours.  Sara would feel someone staring at her, wake up, look at the foot of her bed and there would be Gidget, just staring at her.  We often said we were lucky she didn’t have opposable thumbs, because with her attitude in general towards everyone but me in the house, we were convinced we’d wake up to her standing over us with a knife in her paws if she were able to use one.  The only time she liked people in general was when she was in heat, and since the only males in the house were fixed, I wasn’t worried about getting her fixed.  Her sister Mudd, on the other hand, would spray everything in sight every time she went into heat, so we had to get her fixed.  She was the only female I ever knew of to do such a thing.  Even their brother Ed never tried spraying anything before he was fixed.  Of course, we got him fixed when he was five months old too so he would leave his sisters alone, but he never once tried spraying anything—until after he was fixed.  Then he was constantly trying to spray stuff, especially the fridge.  Go figure. 😛  But since the only time she was affectionate with anyone was when she was in heat, I wasn’t about to get Gidget fixed.  The middle of winter when it was super cold in the house most days even with the heater on didn’t count, they all wanted to lay on Mommy then.  I had no illusions about why, either: Mommy was warmer than anywhere else in the house.

Despite her anti-social behavior (which everyone swore she got from me) and all her odd habits (Blink, dammit!) she was still Mommy’s baby, and I hope one day when we’re reunited at the Bridge she remembers me and never wants to leave my side again, because I sure don’t want to ever leave hers.

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