Bravery or Stupidity? (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“You can’t go out now, the werewolf is roaming the forests!”

“It’s only Remus, I’ll be fine,” Harry replied confidently.

“You know this creature?”

“This creature happens to be one of my dad’s best friends, and has always been like an uncle to me,” Harry stated firmly.  “He would sooner gnaw off his own arm while in wolf form than ever harm me, and he’ll never let anyone else harm me, either.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve just never encountered a werewolf who wasn’t interested in harming others before,” the young Auror apologized.

“It’s a condition he’s had most of his life, it’s nothing he can help, and he certainly never asked to be turned into a werewolf at six years old,” Harry retorted.  “He’s had to spend the majority of his life being looked down on by the wizarding world at large because of this, and it’s not something he has any control over.  If he could keep from transforming every month he would, but the most he can do is take Wolfsbane Potion every month then lock himself away till the moon starts to wane again.  The potion keeps him in his right mind, and he just curls up in a ball and sleeps it off till he’s human again.  He used to lock himself up and cause the most godawful damage to himself in an effort to keep from hurt other people, back when he was at school, which was long before the potion was invented.

“Dad and his two other best friends learned how to become Animagi so they could keep him company every month, two of them transforming into big enough animals that they could keep him under control.  I think they spent just as much time in the infirmary after the full moon as I did during my entire time at Hogwarts,” he added, smiling fondly at the thought of Madam Pomfrey attaching a sign over one of the infirmary beds with the name James Potter on it.

“I may not be able to transform into a large animal, but if I conjured my Patronus, which looks just like my dad’s Animagus form, Remus will see it and know that Prongs is there to help him, and he’ll follow me around the rest of the night.  We’ll be fine, don’t worry about us,” Harry promised.

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