You Know You’re a Weasley When… (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“Why are you hiding behind me?  What did you do?” Harry asked George, who was trying unsuccessfully to disappear behind his brother-in-law.

“Nothing!  I did nothing!  Don’t let her hurt me, Harry,” George pleaded.

“Let who hurt you?… Okay, which one are you running from, Ginny or Mum?”

“George Weasley!” came a high-pitched shriek as the front door of the Burrow slammed shut.

“Oh gods, she’s going to kill me!” George moaned, trying desperately to escape notice.

An irate Ginny Potter stormed across the yard towards her panic-stricken older brother and grinning husband.

“You’re on your own, mate,” Harry declared, stepping aside.  “There’s no way in hell I’m getting on her bad side, not even for you, brother dear.”

“I am so dead!” George whimpered, causing Harry to smirk.

“Say hi to Fred for me.”

“Not funny, Harry!  Ow!” George exclaimed, as Ginny grabbed him by the ear and started yanking him back towards the house.  “Help!”

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