Monthly Recap and Reflections (for June 2017)

Another month finally over, and we are just past the halfway mark in the year.  Health issues, crazy cats, crazier weather, and holidays all to deal with in one month.  Danny’s birthday happened to fall on Father’s Day this year, so at least we had something good to celebrate that day, as both our fathers are long gone.  Between the heat waves and the week-long rains, my asthma has been acting up more often than not this month, and I don’t know which has been worse for it.  When we have three or four hot days in a row I wish for rain to cool things down, but then the rainy weather makes my asthma act up as well, so I just can’t seem to win this month.  The days where it’s cooler without rain have been few and far between.

The cats can’t seem to make up their minds whether they want to behave or not (but usually not), so they’ve definitely been keeping me on my toes this month.  On the plus side, they finally all have names…Freya, Ciara, Wesa (Cherokee for “cat”—real original, I know), Brighid, Morgana and Akasha.  The last two were the hardest to find names for, which is why it took me over a year.  Amazingly, they all answer to their names every time.  They may not listen to me, but they know their names. 😛

Coming up with posts every day is getting more difficult…some of them I already have finished and planned out months in advance, but some of them are being stubborn and not wanting to cooperate with me.  Good thing I have most of July’s already done (well, except for Monday’s…gotta get to work on that).  Between that and trying to distract myself on the 20th so I didn’t think too much about the furbaby I’d lost a couple years ago (June 20th was his birthday), I’ve had some really frustrating days this month.  Hopefully July will be a lot better!

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