Anyone But You (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“No.  Not you.  Anyone but you,” Harry said, staring across the room at his new partner.

“Gee, thanks, Potter.  Nice to see you, too,” Draco drawled.

“What did I do to deserve this?” Harry said, looking heavenward.

“Apparently you’ve been a very good boy, and Christmas has come early,” Draco smirked.

“Ha ha, very funny.  Then Father Christmas must have a sick sense of humour…either that or the gods hate me.”

“Behave yourself, Potter.  Like it or not, we’re going to be working together now.  Apparently someone thought we’d be able to get along well enough to partner us, although if I ever find out whose brilliant idea it was, I may just risk Azkaban to curse them into oblivion.”

“I may just join you, Malfoy,” Harry declared.

“Look at that, we’re agreeing on something already.  Maybe whoever it was had a point, after all.”

“Yeah, and I’d like to make one of my own, whenever I find out who it was,” Harry muttered.

“Right there with you, partner,” Draco agreed, laughing when Harry winced.  “Let’s get to work, we can plot our revenge later.”

“I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be agreeing with you, Malfoy…let’s go, we’ve got an assignment in Leeds, then we need to meet up with Ron and Hermione before reporting back to the DMLE.”

“Meet up with the Weasels?  Now I know I’m in Hell,” Draco complained, making Harry laugh.

“Come on, partner, we’re going to be late,” Harry said cheerfully, heading for the door.  Draco followed him, muttering the whole way.

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