Weekly Recap (Week of Sunday, 11 June through Saturday, 17 June 2017)

Yay, I finally got the last kitten named!  Akasha was the one that gave me the most trouble coming up with a name for her, but finally I have something to call her besides just “Sissy” (or “sillybutt cat” 😛 ).  Now if I could just get them all fixed, so I don’t have to listen to their caterwauling every month…

I found a few more writing prompts, so I’ve been busy writing my responses to a few of them, and am going to be working on some more this week, so that I have enough to finish out the month with, at least.

I managed to get one of my medicines refilled this week, the liquid albuterol for my nebulizer, but I’m almost out already, so I desperately need to get the last refill for it this week, hopefully today.  Then I’ll need to make an appointment so I can get a new prescription, otherwise I’m going to be in trouble when that last box runs out.  I absolutely cannot breathe without my nebulizer and my inhalers, which I also need to get renewed this week as my current one is almost completely empty (it’s been on “0” for days, but there’s always still enough medicine left over after that happens to get me through another few days before I have to get it refilled…unfortunately for me, that always happens two weeks before I can get the next refill).  This month I’m actually past the date where I can go get my next refill, but my insurance coverage has to kick in again before I can go pick it up, as I do not have the $60 plus it would cost to pay for it otherwise (with my insurance, it’s free).  So I really need the letter from my insurance to show up this week telling me that yes, I’m covered again, so I can go get the medicines I need just to be able to make it through the day.  It sucks not even being able to walk to the mailbox without becoming short of breath, but that’s what happens to me most days, especially with the weather aggravating my asthma.  It was supposed to rain just about every day this last week, but only rained a couple times, once it poured for a few hours and then stopped, the other times it would rain for a couple minutes and then stop, and of course then it would be twice as hot as before it started raining.  We desperately need the rain, too, the ground is way too dry, but every time it rains my asthma acts up ten times worse.  Of course, having it super hot and humid doesn’t help it either, and don’t even get me started on what winter weather does to me….I definitely live in the wrong state!

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  1. calensariel says:

    You could try Utah!

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