Part of My Charm (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“I’m bitter and complicated.  It’s one of my charms.”

“I don’t think you know what that word means.  Or how to count.”

“Sod off, Potter!  You don’t want me to start listing what yours are,” Draco threatened.  Harry just grinned.

“Sexy, charming, gorgeous, great in bed…”

“No, those all describe me.  Irritating, gormless git, know-it-all, superiority complex…”

“No, those all describe you…well, except for the know-it-all part, the only person we know who acts like that is Hermione.”

“Good one, Potter.  She is such an insufferable know-it-all still, isn’t she?” Draco smirked.

“Oh yeah, tell me about it.  I love her like a sister, but she can be really irritating sometimes.  ‘No, Harry, that’s not how you do it…here, let me show you…’  Irritating, I tell you…do me a favour, love…never ask her for advice on our love life.”

“Deal.  That’s that last thing we need her interfering with…besides which, we don’t need the help, we’re doing just fine on our own.”

“Speaking of which… We still have a couple hours before Teddy comes over for the weekend…”

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