On the Same Page (Response to writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“…just to make sure we’re all on the same page.”

“Page?  We’re not even in the same library!” Ron exclaimed, bewildered.

“Shut it, Ronald!  Maybe if you listened more closely instead of complaining all the time, you’d be better able to follow along with the conversation,” Hermione replied, annoyed.

“Hermione, no one could follow along with this conversation without a map and a Point Me spell, including Dumbledore,” Ron answered.

“He’s right, ’Mione,” Harry said cheerfully.  “I was listening, and I only understood about half of what you were saying.”

“Then you understood more than I did, mate,” Ron muttered.

“That’s because he at least listens, Ronald,” Hermione said scathingly.

“That’s because he’s interested enough in the subject to bother trying, even though it’s the most boring subject on the planet.”

“Arithmancy is not boring!”

“It is to someone who thinks the only subject worth discussing is why the Chudley Cannons can’t seem to win a match to save their lives,” Harry teased.

“Oi!  The Cannons aren’t that bad!” Ron protested.

“Ronald, the Cannons couldn’t do worse if Goyle were flying for them, and he’s rubbish on a broom,” Harry replied calmly.

“That’s because Goyle couldn’t find his own arse without a map, a Point Me spell, and clearly written directions using small words and illustrations,” Ron grumbled.

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