Know-It-All (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“But you love talking about how brilliant you are.  At length.”  Harry grinned over at his best friend.

“I do not!” Hermione protested.

“Yep, you sure do,” Draco commented, flipping through that morning’s Prophet.

“All the time,” Ron agreed.

“What did Snape call her that time he substituted for Remus, Dray?” Harry asked innocently.

“An ‘insufferable know-it-all,’ I believe,” Draco answered.

“Yeah, that was it!  Of course, Hermione was used to the two of us telling her that on a regular basis,” Harry said, indicating Ron and himself, “and she always just ignored us, but somehow it was ten times worse when Snape said it, especially as he wasn’t our regular teacher for that class, and Remus would never have dreamed of saying such a thing to her.”

“That’s because Remus, unlike some other men I could name, is a gentleman first and Marauder second,” Hermione griped, causing the three young men to exchange grins.

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