Weekly Recap (Sunday, 4 June through Saturday, 10 June 2017)

Another week gone, and not much accomplished, other than naming another kitten (Morgana—five down, one to go) and getting another ten pages written in my fan fiction (oh, and a few more writing prompt responses written).  I spent a good part of Wednesday afternoon running errands for one of my roommates who came home sick, then went with him to the doctor’s office on Friday when he finally decided to find out what was wrong (strep throat, and he seems to have passed it on to another roommate— he’d better hope I don’t get sick, I still need to get us groceries this week and can’t do that if I get sick).  Then I picked up his antibiotics for him, and decided I wasn’t going anywhere the rest of the weekend because it’s been so hot, and not supposed to cool off till it rains later this week.  It had better, we need it to cool off, plus the grass is so dry it crackles when walked on, reminding me of shredded wheat.  The farmers are done planting, I believe, so now they need the rain too.  It can’t come too soon for me!  As long as I don’t get caught out in it, it can pour all it wants, and hopefully cools things off before I have melted furbabies to deal with. 😛

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