It Keeps the Parents Happy

“It keeps the parents happy.”

“What does?”

“Prozac, probably,” Harry muttered.

“What was that, Harry?”

“Nothing, Hermione.  Nothing at all.”

“Sod off, Potter,” Seamus said cheerfully.  “I was talking about bringing Lavender around to the house so she can visit with Mam and Da.  She and Mam spend hours reading those fashion magazines that Mam’s always getting in the post, and Lavender brings over the latest issue of Witch Weekly, so Mam can keep up with what’s going on in the wizarding world.”

“That’s great, Seamus, I’m glad she gets on so well with your mum,” Hermione said brightly.

“Yeah, unfortunately that means she’s around a lot,” Dean complained.  “Don’t get me wrong, I like Lavender just fine.  She’s still a little shallow, but she’s getting better.  But with her around, Seamus and I can’t just be ourselves.  Of course, with her around, his mum and dad don’t ask too many questions, either, so that works out pretty well for all concerned… Why was I complaining about Lavender again?”

“No idea, love.  Pass the bowl of vegetables over, would you?  I’m ready to add them to the baking dish.  This is going to be the best chicken pot pie ever!” Seamus said, grinning.

“Anything you make is the best ever, love.  But I think you’re right,” Dean said with an answering grin, passing over the heaping bowl of freshly cut vegetables.

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