Family Row

“I’ve lost enough children!  I refuse to stand idle and lose more!”

“You’re not going to lose any more, Molly,” Arthur replied tiredly.

“That’s right, Mum,” George assured her.  “Dad might, but you won’t.  We wouldn’t do that to you.”

“I don’t want to hear any talk about cutting your father out of your lives either!” Molly protested.

“Then you might not want to hear this next bit, Mum, because we’re only getting started,” George answered.


“He’s right, Mum, this could get ugly,” Ron chimed in.


Just then Harry and Ginny walked in the back door.  Seeing that they’d walked in on what was obviously a family row, they froze.

“Okay, what did we miss?” Harry asked, confused.  “We just talked to Ron a half hour ago, what could have happened already?”

“Your brothers are planning to defect from the family, that’s all,” Molly declared.

“We’ll still speak to you and Gin, though, Harry, don’t worry,” George told his favorite brother-in-law.  “We’re not mad at you two.”

“That’s good to know,” Harry replied, relieved.  “I’ve seen what you do to people you’re hacked off at, I sure don’t want to be one of them.”  Ginny nodded her head in agreement.  She may be skilled at hexes, but she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of any of her brother’s, either of her brothers’.

“Okay, so is someone going to explain just what the bloody hell is going on, or am I going to have to use my Bat-Bogey Hex on the lot of you?”

Everyone present shuddered; they’d all seen the results of that hex on many occasions, and no one wanted to be the recipient tonight.

“Dad’s being unreasonable, for a change, and Ron and I are sick of it, so we’re leaving…if you want to stay and chat with Mum and Dad feel free, we’ll be at the shop setting out inventory for our big sale tomorrow so we’ll be up late anyway, come on by when you’re done.”  With that George and Ron stalked out the back door past their sister and brother-in-law, Ron giving them an apologetic glance as he passed, and Apparated away as soon as they were over the threshold.

“Okay, I’m going to ask this one more time: what the bloody hell is going on around here!”

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