Everyone Knew What the Blue Puddles Meant (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

Everyone knew what the blue puddles meant… Roy, the Head Oompa Loompa, sighed deeply, then looked over at his brother Ray.  “You’d better go get the boss,” he said resignedly.  “It looks like the Gobstobber machine’s broken again.  That’s the third time this week.  Either he needs to find better repairmen, or we need a new machine, but we can’t keep doing this.  We’re spending all of our time cleaning the floors, and not enough time making candy.  At this rate, we’ll be out of Gobstoppers by the end of the month, with Nerds not far behind, and those two are our best sellers.  For some strange reason, not everyone likes chocolate, so as popular as our Wonka Bars are, they’re still being outsold by Nerds and Gobstoppers in many countries.  We have got to get this machine fixed!”

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