Weekly Recap (Sunday 28 May through Saturday 3 June 2017)

Another week gone, and another month gone.  We are now officially at the halfway mark for the year (well technically that will be the end of this month), and it seems to have just flown by so far, faster than Harry on his Firebolt chasing the Snitch.

Memorial Day this year was not very good for people wanting to cook out, as the weather couldn’t make up its mind what it wanted to do.  Half the day was cloudy and threatening rain, then the sun would come out briefly, then the clouds would take over again.  It’s a good thing we hadn’t wanted to cook out this year anyway, because we would have been forced to put the grill inside the garage with the big door wide open to protect the grill from the rain if it had decided to finally fall (we’ve done that several times, started to cook out then it started raining so the grill got dragged into the open garage and we’d sit inside the garage on our camp chairs, waiting out the rain).  Since I’m no longer involved in the American Legion Auxiliary, I never got the opportunity to pass out poppies to people, assuming they even still do that around here.  I haven’t noticed it for the past several years, so I don’t know what’s going on with that.

On the plus side, I’ve made some small progress with my fan fiction story that I’ve been steadily working on since last fall, and even got an idea for yet another one, based on a writing prompt response from the other day that I just kept going with once I got started (I only published the first half of what I have so far on here).  I may even be able to incorporate it into one that I started a few years back but set aside to work on something else (story of my life, it seems), once that other story is progressed time-wise to the appropriate point.

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