Count Your Shadows (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

The fireplace animated the shadows within the forgotten library.

“Quick!  Everybody count your shadows!”


“Because someone’s been watching Doctor Who reruns again, and he seems to think we’re on that planet that has the largest library in the universe, or some such nonsense, where the Vashta Narada took over.  When they got ready to kill somebody, that person suddenly had two shadows.  Then they were dead seconds later, and the Vashta Narada had taken over their body.”

“You know, for someone who talks so much crap about Doctor Who, you know an amazing amount about it.”

“That’s because I have to hear you nattering on about it constantly!”

“Boys!  Behave yourselves!  Or at least pretend to behave like mature adults, however difficult that may be for the both of you…”

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