You Don’t Listen Much, Do You (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)


“I have never been so insulted!”

“You don’t listen much, do you?”

“And just what the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means you get insulted all the time, several times a day, in fact, and usually way more creatively than that git just did…and yet you either never seem to notice, or stopped caring a long time ago.  Considering your statement just now, I’m going to go with the former guess rather than the latter.”

“Oh ha ha, Potter, very funny.  Maybe I just haven’t heard any insults worthy of notice before now.  Unless they’re coming from you, Ginny, or Molly, they just don’t seem to have the same impact.”

“That’s because Molly has had years to perfect her scathing tongue, and Ginny learned from the best, besides sharing DNA with the woman,” Harry replied.  “When one of those two ladies insults you, you know you’ve been well and truly insulted.  It’s almost flattering, really.”

“If you say so, Potter.  I’m just glad I’m not on the receiving end of it that often, especially not Ginny.  Her insults are usually accompanied by Bat-Bogey Hexes and the like…no thank you!”

“All part of being a Weasley,” Harry shrugged.  “Welcome to the family, Draco.”

“Ha ha, very funny.  And I thought being a Malfoy was bad,” Draco muttered.  Harry saw Ginny sneak up behind him, wand aimed at his back and an evil grin on her face.  The next thing Draco knew, he was hit with her Bat-Bogey Hex and Harry was rolling on the floor, laughing.  “Gaaah!  Damn it, Ginny!  Shut it, Potter!”  Harry just laughed harder as Ginny walked away, still grinning.

“Welcome to the family, Draco!” she sang over her shoulder.

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