Weekly Recap (Sunday, 21 May through Saturday, 27 May 2017)

Well, another week’s gone by, and May is almost over.  Memorial Day is tomorrow, and everyone in the US knows what that means…that’s right, today is the Indy 500.  Every NASCAR fan in the country is going to be spending their day glued to their TVs or radios, and for the lucky ones, they’ll actually get to watch the race live.  Last week we seemed to have more rainy and overcast days than sunny days, and today thunderstorms are predicted, but at the moment it’s sunny, so let’s hope for the fans’ sake it stays that way till after the race.

Of course, the truly important part of the week happens tomorrow, when we honor our fallen heroes, both in the US and elsewhere.  I’ll have more on that tomorrow, but really, we should be doing this every day—thanking those still living who have served and are serving, and honoring those fallen warriors who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  Let us all remember to take a few minutes today and for at least the rest of the week to do so.  Habits have to start somewhere, after all.

The furbabies have been doing their best to ensure Grandma doesn’t get much sleep at night, because they’re all in heat at the same time, which means they spend most of their waking hours caterwauling, rubbing up against everything in sight (including Grandma), and generally making a nuisance of themselves.  One of these days, Alice…

I’ve actually gotten quite a few responses to writing prompts finished, and am working on next month’s already.  And yes, they’re still mostly Harry Potter themed…I’m a Potterhead, deal with it. 😛  I actually wrote a fairly decent one a couple days ago about Voldemort, I could even expand that into a story if I wanted to, and just might, although at the moment I’m having too much fun writing about everyone else to want to step away from that story long enough to develop any of these.  Fortunately, I’ve written them all to the point that if and when I do decide to expand any of them, I’ll be able to pick up the thread where I left off, and hopefully turn them into some decent fan fiction stories as well.

Oh well, onward and upward!

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