Voldemort Goes to America

Voldemort woke with a start.  How long had he been asleep?  He didn’t know.  The last thing he remembered was a human stumbling upon his hiding place; he wasn’t certain if the man was wizard or Muggle, and for once he didn’t care.  As long as he was finally able to leave the woods, he was happy.  His hosts never lasted long, anyway, although a wizard would last longer than a Muggle.  But he could always find a wizard later, provided his current host lasted long enough to get them back to civilization.  Speaking of which, where were they, anyway?

He surveyed his surroundings.  He appeared to be in a bedroom—no, that wasn’t quite right.  Upon closer inspection, he realised he was in a Muggle hotel; there was a telephone and an alarm clock on the nightstand, and a television set across the room.  Lovely, he was back in the Muggle world.  His host must be a Muggle, then, or at least pretending to be one.  No matter, he would search until he found a magical host, then make his way toward his goal: Hogwarts.  He wondered idly if that old fool was still in charge.  Probably; the old goat was too stubborn to die, and would never willingly retire.  That would soon change, just as soon as he could make contact with his Death Eaters—assuming he could find any still loyal to him, that is.  If not, he would kill all the faithless ones and build a new army, one that would be loyal unto death.  Then they would converge on the school, and, one way or the other, oust the old man from his post.

He rose from the bed and limped his way over to the curtained window.  When had the fool injured himself?  He didn’t remember the Muggle limping before he possessed him…oh well, he could worry about it later, right now he needed to figure out where the Muggle had taken them.  Pulling the curtains aside, he peered out the window at his surroundings.  What was that tall building in the distance?  It looked like one he’d seen before, but he couldn’t remember where or when.  Deciding he might get a clue from the Muggle news station, he turned on the television set.  The midday news report was just starting.  When the newscaster mentioned an incident in Lower Manhattan, Voldemort froze in shock.  Manhattan?  What the bloody hell was he doing in the U.S.?

(AN: In case you can’t tell, this is set after his defeat on Halloween night 1981 and before he found and possessed Quirrell in 1991, while he was without a body and unable to do magic unless he possessed a witch or wizard.)

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