This is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into… (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you had just listened,” Harry admonished.

“Fix me up with six cups of coffee and we’re good to go.”

“We need to talk about your life choices, Draco.”

“I can’t be held responsible.  I wasn’t even there.”

“Don’t think about it too much or your head might explode,” Harry said derisively.

“If you say another word, I’m going to beat you up and take your lunch money.”

“You don’t need my lunch money, Malfoy, you’re already loaded.”

“So are you, Potter, so you can afford it.”

“Sod off.”

“Bite me.”

“Such a mature conversation to be having so early in the morning,” Hermione remarked with a yawn, sauntering over to the coffee machine and pouring herself a large cup.  “So what did Draco do now?”


“See?  Told you it wouldn’t take them long to figure it out!”

“Sod off, Potter!”

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