Pansy Parkinson

Pansy Parkinson is one of the most hated characters in the Harry Potter universe, and for good reason.  She was constantly bullying the younger students and especially anyone who was different from herself—especially Hermione, who was Muggle-born and therefore didn’t even deserve to be at Hogwarts, in Pansy’s viewpoint.  Draco at least eventually realized his attitude towards Muggles and Muggle-borns was wrong, and tried to show his change of attitude at the end, not that many people were paying attention at the time, or would have believed it was anything but an act if they had.  Only Harry ever seemed to see the real Draco and was willing to give him a chance, even if no one else understood and gave him grief over it—part of his “saving people thing” I suppose.

Pansy, on the other hand—Harry may have been willing to give her a second chance, if she had ever shown the slightest indication that her attitude had changed, but it never did.  Even when it was obvious that the only way that battle was going to end was with Harry fighting Voldemort (and hopefully defeating him), she would rather turn him over to be killed rather than stand up for him as the other students were willing to do.  Yes, the result would be the same—Harry going to Voldemort—but the difference was in whether he went willingly or was trussed up like a Christmas turkey and handed over for slaughter.  Everyone else in the Great Hall was willing to stand between Harry and Voldemort and fight for him, except for Pansy and a few other Slytherins who seemed to have the sense of a flobberworm, and the ones who left only did so reluctantly after Harry making it clear he’d rather have them safely away so he didn’t have to worry about them when he needed to be concentrating on his coming battle with Voldemort.  Of course, some of them snuck back in later and fought anyway, once he was on his way to the Forbidden Forest, and some came back with the reinforcements that Slughorn had gone after, openly fighting beside their fellow students, but at least as far as Harry was concerned they were safely out of it, and that was a much-needed load off his mind.

Pansy never seemed to have any redeeming qualities at all, and was one of the few survivors of the war who seemed to be stuck in the past, never growing or moving forward in either attitude or emotional growth—she was the perpetual mean girl, intolerant of everyone not just like her (even other Slytherins, if they didn’t want to go along with her and her gang).  Overall, I’d rather hang out with the Greengrass sisters or Tracy Davis than Pansy.

Ironically enough, she seems to be the only character named after a flower without the selfless maternal instinct—Narcissa was willing to do anything to help her son, Lily died for hers, Petunia would have gladly done the same for Dudley (even if she would have been reluctant to do so for Harry), Fleur fought for the freedom of her and Bill’s future children, but Pansy only ever looked out for herself.  I doubt if she would have even been willing to sacrifice herself for Draco, and she seemed obsessed with the idea of them being together.  One can only hope that she never has children with anyone, she would probably have the same attitude about them that Bellatrix claimed to have when she stated that she would gladly give her children if she had any in service to the Dark Lord (thank Merlin she never had any!).

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