Ollivander, Garrick

Harry may have always been creeped out by Ollivander, but I always thought he was cool.  His silver eyes may seem off-putting to some people (Harry again), but to me they seem other-worldly—like he’d seen so much the average human hadn’t (and considering what he did for a living, that’s probably true).

He grew up in that shop, watching his father (Gervaise) and grandfather (Gerbold Octavius) work together until his grandfather’s retirement, and then became his father’s apprentice and learning everything he knew, which was the way Ollivanders had been learning the trade for many generations.  During his apprenticeship, when his father thought he was ready, he passed on the Ollivander family journal of wand-making and wand lore—begun by an unnamed Ollivander, the founder of the store in 382 B.C.  This journal in its many forms over the millennia has held the knowledge acquired by each successive generation—their intense study of wand lore, their discovery of new wand cores and woods, their thoughts on the wand-making process—and is in itself a historical artifact of some significance, as is the store (its current location established some four or five centuries ago by his ancestor Geraint Ollivander) and some of its older inventory (created by Ollivander’s great-grandfather in his youth).

Adding to the journal himself over the years, Garrick hoped to one day pass it on to his own son, but will have to settle for passing it on to his great-grandson instead, as his own son as lost during Grindelwald’s reign of terror, and his grandson in the First Wizarding War, a casualty of a Death Eater attack on Diagon Alley.  Considering himself too old to actively fight against Voldemort and his followers, he nevertheless keeps his eye out for those he feels may be instrumental in bringing about their downfall and ensures those individuals have the best possible match to their wands, knowing it can mean the difference between life and death for the wielder at some later date.

(Note: I was just reading on the Harry Potter Lexicon that Ollivander had one son, and one daughter, deceased, although it didn’t go into details about how or when she died.  But as the family business seems to always have been passed down from father to son, and as Ollivander is already old enough to retire, even by wizarding standards, I figured there had to be a reason he hadn’t done so yet—other than the fact that he is still able to do the job so would probably continue to do so until he was no longer able to, and then would pass the business on to the next male in line, presumably his son.  But at his age, either his son would be so old that he would be nearing retirement age himself, or have no interest in the family business—probably an unheard-of occurrence in that family, or be deceased himself, thereby necessitating the business be passed on to the next available male in the family young enough to take it over.  I have no idea how old Ollivander actually is, but figured at his age he probably has great-grandchildren young enough to take over the business and still be able to run it for many years, so that’s where I went with this entry.  Note that other than the family names and dates and other information easily verifiable at the Harry Potter Lexicon, the rest of it is my own creation and so should be taken with a grain of salt—or, as I’m fond of saying, with a shaker of salt, a bushel of limes, and a gallon of tequila. 😛 )

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