Weekly Recap (Week of Sunday, 7 May to Saturday, 13 May 2017)

Okay, so my grandbabies are being particularly annoying right now because I think at least two of them (and possibly three) are in heat right now…they can’t just all be at the same time, along with their mom, as annoying as that would be, because then it would be over and done with for the rest of the month…believe me, even that short of a reprieve can work wonders on my nerves.

I managed to work ahead a few posts, and even found a few more writing prompts yesterday and today that I can’t wait to use! 😀  At this rate, I should easily have material for NaNoWriMo in November (yay, because last year the only material I had was fan fiction for one, and for another I’d already started the stories I could have used, so they were off-limits for use this year) and possibly even a few more years down the road as well.  With any luck this momentum will continue for quite a while, and I’ll have a lot more material to use for the foreseeable future.  😀

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