Jedi Academy to Open on Naboo

Jedi Academy to Open on Naboo


Jedi Master Corran Horn announced earlier today that a new Jedi Academy will be opening on the planet of Naboo within the next few months.

“Due to the recent discovery of Force-sensitive children on several Outer Rim worlds, we’ve come to the realization that we just don’t have the facilities to teach them all on Coruscant, at least not until renovations are completed.  Apparently efforts to rebuild the original Jedi Temple there were not attempted until after the war, as the Emperor and Darth Vader would have discouraged any such attempts—and I know that’s a galactic understatement.

“Master Skywalker and I feel that it would be unfair to put off training the recently discovered Force-sensitive children until after renovations are completed—considering the amount of work yet to be done, we may still be working there when our grandchildren are able to attend the Academy.

“Anyone willing to help with renovations is welcome, I’m sure the construction crews will be hiring by the thousands for the foreseeable future, as this is a massive undertaking…whole wings of the Temple are nothing but rubble, and the foundations are completely caved in at several points.

“In the meantime, the new Jedi Academy will be up and running by the end of the year.  The Gungans have graciously allowed us to build on their land, and the Queen has granted us land as well, for expansion as needed.  Construction is being undertaken by both our current students and some of the locals, using local materials whenever possible.”

Jedi Masters Luke and Mara Skywalker are onsite supervising the construction.

(Note: This is entirely my own creation, not from a writing prompt or any article found on any SW-related site…more wishful thinking on my part, especially since Disney’s screwed everything up since they bought the franchise…I liked the EU way better than what they’ve done with it.)

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