Weekly Recap (Week of Sunday, 30 April-Saturday, 6 May 2017)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to keep the momentum of last month’s Writing Challenge going by continuing to post every day.  I decided to use Sundays to post a weekly recap as well as a look ahead to the coming week, and to use the other days to post my responses to writing prompts, as well as other items of interest—posts on my furry babies and grandbabies, holidays, unexpected events such as sudden illness or a death in the family (hopefully none of those happen anytime soon!), planned events such as weddings, family reunions or other get-togethers (not that I see any of those happening this year, except for a wedding in November).

On to this week’s recap: I’ve actually managed to get quite a few writing prompt responses done this week, and to get several posted the last few days.  I didn’t actually get any of them posted till Wednesday, but I’d been working on them every day, and posted at least three on Wednesday—the two previous days’ posts, and the current day’s.  I already have my planned posts for this week written, but that doesn’t mean that other posts might not come up during the week.  It doesn’t mean they will, either, but you never know, it could happen.  😀

My plans for this week: to post the already-written writing prompt responses, to keep an eye on my furry grandbabies and post about their antics as they happen, and to keep writing responses to the prompts that show up in my inbox.  Other than that, I’ve found that if I plan too far ahead, life has a way of going, “Ha ha ha…no,” and throwing me a curve ball.  (Life can be a real bastard sometimes.)

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