Grandpa’s a Spy

Your grandpa is a spy.  He is one of the most deadly agents too.  He keeps his spy equipment in his cane.

Your grandpa is 007.  Guess he wound up with at least one kid after all those affairs…funny how none of his exes ever saw fit to tell him at the time, with his sense of honor he would have stepped up and helped out with them if he had known, even if he couldn’t be a constant in their lives because of his line of work, he would have been around as often as he could have to make sure they had at least one positive role model in their lives (Uncle Q, if nothing else  😛 ).

By the time he figured it out on his own (probably by running into at least one of them, obviously the spitting image of him when he was younger), they were already grown and semi-jaded, believing they didn’t need a father figure in their lives.  Knowing firsthand how much utter rubbish that was, Bond patiently built a relationship with them anyway, passing on whatever knowledge he could, whether practical or not, establishing a connection with his offspring.

At some point he finally got too old to go tearing off all over the world after the bad guys and put in for his retirement, figuring that even if he were too old to continue the spy game, he was still young enough to enjoy retirement, and could now devote all his time to being a father and grandfather.  He still used his special cane that Q made for him after a particularly nasty injury…his leg eventually healed, but he always had a slight limp afterwards, that was usually only noticeable in really cold weather, or when he’d been over-exerting himself chasing after the bad guys; this was a major contributing factor in his decision to retire.  He showed it to his grandchildren when they were old enough to appreciate how truly special the cane was (Uncle Q had made it, after all, so there were at least three other functions for the cane besides just keeping 007 upright), and let them practice with it every once in a while for a special treat.

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