Flavor of the Month? (Response to Writing Prompt Found on Pinterest)

Flavor of the Month?

“Can someone tell me why this coffee tastes like apples?”

“Because it’s almost Halloween, and the café is testing out fall flavors?”

“Well, they can bin this one, because it’s rubbish.”

“Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“Dead, along with the top three layers of my tongue.”

“Some Gryffindor you are, Potter, afraid to try new things.”

“I’m all for trying new things, but they could at least warn a bloke, that way I won’t have to feel guilty about tossing it in the nearest bin because it tastes so godawful, whereas if they had just warned me I could have decided to forego the pleasure of trying this new flavor, and gotten something more normal instead, like pumpkin or vanilla flavor.”

“But you wouldn’t know it tasted godawful if you hadn’t tried it, now would you?” Hermione teased.

“Trust me, Hermione, if they had warned me this was apple flavored, I could have figured it out all on my own that it was going to taste that bad, and saved my taste buds the experience.  I don’t have to have the Venomous Tentacula sneak up on me to know that I wouldn’t enjoy the experience if it did, or to know that Devil’s Snare is going to try to strangle me if I get too close to it in Greenhouse Three.”

“Fine, you big baby, switch me cups then, I’ll give yours to Ron.  I bet he won’t even notice the taste before he’s finished it off.”

“You’re on,” Harry said, grinning, and traded cups with Hermione.  He watched her approach their table, not wanting to miss the expression on Ron’s face after his first sip.

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