Every Night After School… (Based on a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

Every night after school, we gathered down by the old creek and practiced.

It’s not as easy as it looks, playing Quidditch, and when you live in a Muggle neighborhood, it’s damn near impossible to practice during the summer, so we started looking for other ways to stay in shape during the summer.

We would go to the park with our brooms, after casting notice-me-not spells on ourselves, pace off our pitch, cast Muggle-repelling and notice-me-not spells all around the area, and use a football in place of the Quaffle, a golf ball for the Snitch, and dodge balls for the bludgers, with cricket bats in place of the beaters’ bats.  It’s harder than it looks to chase after a golf ball that’s been charmed to fly, as well as avoiding enchanted dodge balls…now I know why Muggles call the sport that, those things hurt!

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