Curse-Breaking Only Pays Half the Bills (Response to Writing Prompt Found on Pinterest)

“Curse breaking only pays like, half the bills.  The other half comes from Arby’s.”  (end of prompt)

“How the hell do you know about Arby’s?” Harry asked incredulously.

“What, you think they didn’t have Arby’s in Egypt?… Okay, okay, I went out with some Muggleborn friends one weekend while Fleur and Victoire were visiting her parents and Gabi, and that’s where we ended up.  There were so many people in there, you couldn’t be heard above the crowd.  Without thinking, I walked into the kitchen and started helping out…well, you’ve been to the Burrow, you know what it’s like when everyone’s home, you help out or you don’t get to eat until 3 a.m. ….within a few minutes everyone was taken care of and most of the crowd had left…the manager offered me a job on the spot.  I told him I had family obligations and another job that kept me traveling most of  the time, he said he didn’t care, to let him know when I was available and I could fill in whenever they needed the extra help.  So now a couple nights a week, plus whenever Fleur’s at her parents’, I pick up a little extra gold working at Arby’s.”

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