Ciara the Kitten

Ciara is one of my six furry grandbabies who all turned a year old on March 5th.  They’re all cute and adorable and annoying as hell I love them all very much. 😛

Naming them all has been a real chore, and I still don’t have names for two of them.  Any suggestions?  They’re all black, and most of them have yellow eyes like Mommy but at least two of them have green eyes like Daddy.  They’re also all short-haired like their mom (their dad has long hair).  The others are Wesa, Brigid, and Freya (Wesa means “cat” in Cherokee).  Their mom is Lucky and their dad is Midnight.

Ciara seems to delight in getting in trouble, she does it so often.  She and her sisters love knocking the curtain in my bedroom window down constantly; they also love racing up and down the stairs, and they don’t care if it’s noon or 3 a.m.  (I know this because every night around that time, if not sooner, I’m telling them to stop because people are trying to sleep, and they ignore me and keep right on doing it—kids!)  I used to think they were practicing for the Kitty 500, but I think I’ve figured it out: they’re doing parkour (not that they even know what that is, but still).  It’s the only thing that explains their constant movement except for the few (blessedly silent) hours they’re asleep.  It also explains how they stay in such good shape –they’re constantly exercising (must be nice to have that much energy).

Then she does something incredibly cute and endearing, like jumping onto the bed and giving Grandma head butts and kisses, knowing she’s too cute for Grandma to stay mad at her for very long.  (No one can resist all that kitty cuteness….forget cookies, if you want to get people to join the Dark Side, just offer kittens!  Way more effective!)

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2 Responses to Ciara the Kitten

  1. Geraint Isitt says:

    Absolutely. One of mine knocked a photo block off my headboard and it hit my head, cutting me open. As I was swearing to no one in particular, she hopped down and curled up by my armpit purring up a storm. She was forgiven

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  2. Of course she was. 😛 They know just how to get back on your good side fairly quickly. Whenever I can afford it, I’ll buy a bag of Temptations treats for them, but they only get a treat if they’ve been good, so a single bag can last for months. 😛 Especially since I make sure they’ve all been good before I get the bag out, because it’s not fair to give treats to only one or two of them and not all of them (not that they’d let that happen anyway, they’d start fighting over them if they didn’t all get their own).


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