Blogging Every Day Is So Hard!

I’ve decided that I want to keep the momentum of the A to Z Challenge going, so I’m going to attempt to post every day…we’ll see how long I can keep that up!  😛  But as long as my health doesn’t interfere, and the weather or some other outside source (a squirrel or raccoon chewing through a power line or electrocuting themselves with a transformer, knocking the power out for several miles and several hours—which seems to happen at least once every spring/summer) doesn’t interfere, I should be able to keep up.

Sometimes I’ll be posting my rambling thoughts on a particular subject, sometimes it will be a writing prompt that I found and expanded on, but I hope to always be able to come up with something and hopefully be able to entertain others in the process, as I’m always able to entertain myself (I’m easily amused 😛 ).

For example, I plan on posting some ramblings about one of my furry grandbabies, as she is a constant source of annoyance amusement.  We’ll see how far that takes us.

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