I know, I’m off to a late start already!  Beltane was Monday, and while I didn’t actually do anything to celebrate the day (I’m really awful about that, but with six 1-year-old kittens and their 2-year-old Mom thinking that everything Mommy/Grandma owns is a kitty toy, that makes it impossible to leave anything out or even take it out for five minutes) I was kept busy by the furballs and basically just trying to breathe (my asthma has been acting up, aggravated by the rainy weather).

For those that celebrate the day, what did you do to celebrate?  Did you attend any handfastings (or participate in one, your own or someone else’s)?  Did you have an altar set up, or do you have too-curious furkids as well?  I at least was able to relax for a few hours after finally giving up and going across the street to the ER (at least it’s walking distance for me!).  I was able to pick up two of my prescriptions the next day, but have to wait on one till next week (and it’s a kind of important one too, the liquid medicine I need for my nebulizer—my breathing machine), but at least I have the other two to help until then.

Maybe one of these years I can make it through a holiday without having to struggle for breath, and will actually be able to celebrate properly.  Of course, it would help if the furry grandkids didn’t decide to try to “help” me, but they seem to think it’s their purpose in life to annoy the heck out of me, I mean help me do everything. 😛

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2 Responses to Beltane

  1. calensariel says:

    Are you, bac, allergic to your fur babies?

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  2. Nope, but they are my whole life, so I wouldn’t care if I was, I’d just double up on the Beandryl. 😛

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