#BloggingAtoZApril2017Challenge: My Reflections

I can’t believe the month is finally over!  Normally I look forward to the end of April because then we can (maybe) finally get past all the friggin’ rain we get during the month.  So far I don’t think I’m going to get that lucky though, as it’s supposed to rain tomorrow too.  The rest of the week doesn’t look that great, either.  Figures.

But this year I was actually looking forward to each day of the month, because for one, I got to post my next entry in the challenge, and for another, I got to read all the other daily entries.  Some of them were informative, some thought-provoking, and some were downright hilarious.  Some even managed to be all three.  😛

I loved reading all the comments I’ve gotten on my entries.  A couple people I don’t think quite got the point of them (they were my commentaries on a satirical book written for children with the intent of teaching them the alphabet, while poking fun at all the parents who seemed to be convinced their children were going to meet dire ends, and this was decades before the term “helicopter parent” was even thought of).  Most seemed to enjoy reading my commentaries, and some even came up with their own suggestions on how and why said child met such a nasty end, along with ideas for continuing some of them into actual stories.  I may have to look into that, actually… I might have to change the names or something though, because I don’t want to get in trouble with Gorey’s estate.

Now that the month is over, my next problem becomes: what to write for the rest of the year.  I’ve never actually had followers on my blog before, and I’ve discovered that I actually like having people stop by and reading what I post, so I want to be able to continue having something interesting enough to keep people coming back.  Even if it’s only once or twice a week, I need to come up with some kind of ideas.  I’ve thought about using some of the writing prompts I’ve found on Pinterest, picking one for each day and seeing how far I can go with it, even if it’s only a paragraph or two.  That sounds like a great idea to me, actually, now I just need to get off my butt and do it. 😛

Anyway, now that this year’s challenge is over, I’m looking forward to next year’s!  Good thing I have a year to come up with my next theme.  This year’s was almost a no-brainer for me.  Every once in a while I’ll have that book running through my head anyway, and the best way to get it out of there is to write about it (if it were a song, I could just go through the whole thing a couple times to try to get rid of it, but that doesn’t seem to work as well with books for some reason…), so now that I have, I can just go back and re-read my entries when it happens again.

I had a blast this year, both writing my own entries and reading all the others.  Hopefully you’ll stick around for the next year and see what crazy stuff I come up with next, but either way I’ll see you at next year’s challenge! 😀

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7 Responses to #BloggingAtoZApril2017Challenge: My Reflections

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge and good job!

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  2. Hearty congrats on completing this. It’s a great way to connect with the blogging community. Luckily, I have May all figured out–a launch of my newest book (I’m an Indie author). June–who knows!

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    • I started planning out this month’s blogs a couple days ago, I’m just behind on actually putting them up. I’m going to do that here in a little while, so that at least I’m caught up to today. I’m trying to plan out the next year’s worth of posts, including next year’s Challenge, because I want to be able to keep the momentum going.

      I even used your advice from one of your Challenge posts, and am going back and updating a few of my older posts, like the one telling people about this year’s Challenge. Yes, I know it’s a little late for that one, but what I didn’t realize at the time that I originally posted it was that my site wasn’t visible to the public (I’ve since changed that, after another participant pointed it out to me) so I thought I’d go back and change what I could on some of my older ones so that they’ll show up now for people who are just discovering my blog.


  3. Found your blog! Finally! I couldn’t find you on Google and your comments on my blog didn’t lead back here.

    Following is a bit hard – WordPress doesn’t make it as easy as Blogger, where you can follow with a single click. You may have noticed you’re getting my comment on Twitter. This is because I once made the mistake of trying a WordPress blog and since then, WordPress won’t let me log in on my Google account and signs me as “raventracks”(my WordPress blog handle). I HATE WordPress!

    Still, here I am!

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    • Yeah, I don’t use Twitter myself (I would get absolutely nothing else done all day if I did 😛 ). I didn’t realize it was so hard to follow people, at least on WordPress when I’m following someone I get an email telling me when they’ve stopped by my blog, or posted something on theirs, so I know to go check it out. I haven’t actually tried creating one on Blogger yet, but I’ve been thinking about it. Not sure what direction I would take it, if it would be the same as WordPress or something entirely different, but ever since the challenge I’ve seriously considered it.


    • Also I’ve mostly used Google to just follow other people, since sometimes it’s the only way a site will let me. Not sure what else to do with that account either, tbh.


  4. Dina says:

    I read your post and wished I’d wretitn it


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